Texas Scholarships & School Codes

The Texas Pell Grant is used for attending college. You can use the Texas Pell grant at any college in Texas as long as they participate in the Federal Student Aid Program if your school has a 6-digit federal school code. You will be able to know if you are eligible for the Texas Pell Grant by your EFC. If your EFC is lower than $6206, then you are eligible. We’ve listed all the Federal Student Aid school codes for Texas colleges at the bottom of the page.

Here are the school codes for colleges in Texas.

041688 ABC BEAUTY ACADEMY http://abcbeautyacademy.com/
003537 ABILENE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY https://www.acu.edu/
032763 ACADEMY OF HAIR DESIGN http://www.academyofhairdesign.com/
034123 ADVANCED BARBER COLLEGE & HAIR DESI http://advancedbarber.net/
042319 ALAMO CITY BARBER COLLEGE http://www.alamocitybarbercollege.com/
042672 ALLGOOD BEAUTY INSTITUTE http://www.allgoodbeauty.com/
015983 ALTIERUS CAREER COLLEGE https://altierus.org/campus/houston/
E01322 ALTIERUS CAREER COLLEGE – BISSONNET https://altierus.org/campus/houston/bissonnet/
003539 ALVIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.alvincollege.edu/
003540 AMARILLO COLLEGE https://www.actx.edu/
014925 AMBERTON UNIVERSITY https://www.amberton.edu/
031533 AMER COLL OF ACUPUNCTURE & O.M. https://www.acupuncture.edu/
E01051 AMERICAN INTERCONTINENTAL UNIV – HOUSTON https://www.aiuniv.edu/Houston-Campus
006661 ANGELINA COLLEGE https://www.angelina.edu/
003541 ANGELO STATE UNIVERSITY https://www.angelo.edu/
042654 ANN WEBB SKIN INSTITUTE https://www.annwebbskininstitute.com/
031564 AOMA GRADUATE SCHOOL OF INTEGRATIVE MED https://www.aoma.edu/
014305 ARLINGTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY https://www.atbu.edu/
016944 ARLINGTON CAREER INSTITUTE https://www.arlingtoncareerinstitute.edu/
014771 ART INSTITUTE OF HOUSTON https://www.artinstitutes.edu/houston
037276 AUGUSTE ESCOFFIER SCHOOL OF CULINARY ART https://www.escoffier.edu/
042825 AUSTIN CAREER INSTITUTE https://www.austincareerinstitute.edu/
003543 AUSTIN COLLEGE https://www.austincollege.edu/
012015 AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.austincc.edu/
G03544 AUSTIN PRESBYTERIAN THEOLOGICAL SEM https://www.austinseminary.edu/
041423 AVEDA ARTS & SCIENCES INST CORPUS CHRIST https://www.avedainstitute.com/campus/corpus-christi/
E40451 AVEDA INSTITUTE-SAN ANTONIO http://avedaschoolsanantonio.edu/
041607 AVENUE FIVE INSTITUTE http://avenuefiveinstitute.com/
035733 AVIATION INSTITUTE OF MAINTENANCE http://aviationmaintenance.edu/
041467 AVIATION INSTITUTE OF MAINTENANCE http://aviationmaintenance.edu/
G31108 BAKKE GRADUATE UNIVERSITY http://bakkeuniversity.edu/
012268 BALDWIN BEAUTY SCHOOLS http://baldwinbeautyschools.edu/
014956 BAPTIST HS SCHOOL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS http://baptisths.edu/
016525 BAPTIST MISSIONARY ASSN THEOL SEM http://bmats.org/
043047 BARBER EDUCATION ACADEMY, (THE) http://barbereducationacademy.com/
042290 BARBER INSTITUTE OF TEXAS http://barberinstitute.edu/
043029 BARBERS TRADE SCHOOL http://barberstradeschool.com/
015170 BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE http://bcm.edu/
003545 BAYLOR UNIVERSITY http://baylor.edu/
042359 BELLA COSMETOLOGY AND BARBER COLLEGE http://bellacosmetology.com/
013700 BK COSMO COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY http://bkcosmo.edu/
003549 BLINN COLLEGE http://blinn.edu/
007287 BRAZOSPORT COLLEGE http://brazosport.edu/
E00978 BRIGHTWOOD COLLEGE – BEAUMONT http://brightwood.edu/campus/beaumont/
E01195 BRIGHTWOOD COLLEGE – FRIENDSWOOD http://brightwood.edu/campus/friendswood/
E01009 BRIGHTWOOD COLLEGE – LAREDO http://brightwood.edu/campus/laredo/
041779 BUCKNER BARBER SCHOOL http://bucknerbarberschool.com/
042803 CAREERS INSTITUTE OF AMERICA http://careersinstitute.edu/
040894 CCI TRAINING CENTER http://ccitrainingcenter.com/
026047 CENTER FOR ADVANCED LEGAL STUDIES http://www.cals.edu/
013984 CENTRAL TEXAS BEAUTY COLLEGE #2 http://www.centraltexasbeautycollege.com/
004003 CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE http://www.ctcd.edu/
041179 CHAMPION BEAUTY COLLEGE http://championbeautycollege.com/
012930 CHARLES & SUE’S SCH OF HAIR DESIGN http://www.charlesandsues.edu/
042794 CHRIST MISSION COLLEGE http://www.cmcghana.org/
003553 CISCO JUNIOR COLLEGE http://www.ciscocollege.edu/
003554 CLARENDON COLLEGE http://www.clarendoncollege.edu/
003546 COASTAL BEND COLLEGE http://www.coastalbend.edu/
034224 COLLEGE OF BIBLICAL STUDIES-HOUSTON http://www.cbshouston.edu/
031281 COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONS (THE) http://www.collegeofhealthcareprofessions.com/
034263 COLLEGE OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONS (THE) http://www.com.edu/
007096 COLLEGE OF THE MAINLAND http://www.collin.edu/
003556 COMMONWEALTH INST OF FUNERAL SVC http://www.concorde.edu/
035423 CONCORDE CAREER COLLEGE http://www.concordia.edu/
003557 CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY TEXAS http://www.cosmetologyacademyoftexarkana.com/
042241 COSMETOLOGY ACADEMY OF TEXARKANA http://www.cosmetologycareercenter.com/
012483 COSMETOLOGY CAREER CENTER-A PAUL MITCHEL http://www.ccc-paulmitchell.edu/
014107 COVENANT SCH OF NSG & ALLIED HEALTH http://www.covenantnursing.edu/
041218 CRISWELL COLLEGE http://www.criswell.edu/
042949 CTK HEALTHCARE & CAREER INSTITUTE http://www.ctkhealthcare.edu/
037233 CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE http://www.culinaryinstitutelenotre.com/
042764 CULINARY SCHOOL OF FORT WORTH (THE) http://www.culinaryschooloffortworth.edu/
041878 CYBERTEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY http://www.cybertex.edu/
003560 DALLAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY http://www.dbu.edu/
036824 DALLAS BARBER & STYLIST COLLEGE http://www.dallasbarbercollege.com/
004453 DALLAS COLLEGE – EL CENTRO http://www.dallascollege.edu/
010761 DALLAS INSTITUTE OF FUNERAL SERVICE http://www.dallasinstituteoffuneralservice.edu/
G03562 DALLAS THEOLOGICAL SEM http://www.dts.edu/
003563 DEL MAR COLLEGE http://www.delmar.edu/
042832 DELUXE BARBER COLLEGE http://www.deluxebarbercollege.com/
041691 DIAMONDS COSMETOLOGY COLLEGE http://www.diamondscosmetologycollege.com/
041548 DUVALL’S SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.duvallschoolofcosmetology.org/
003564 EAST TEXAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY http://www.etbu.edu/
010387 EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.epcc.edu/
E40495 ELITE WELDING ACADEMY – DBA ELITE PIPE W http://www.elitepipeweldingacademy.com/
G03566 EPISCOPAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF THE SO http://www.episcopalsem.edu/
042872 EVVAYLOIS ACADEMY SCHOOL OF BEAUTY http://www.evvayloisacademy.com/
016008 EXPOSITO SCHOOL OF HAIR DESIGN http://www.expositoschoolofhairdesign.com/
E40436 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – HOUSTON http://www.floridacareercollege.edu/
014547 FORT WORTH BEAUTY SCHOOL http://www.ftworthbeautyschool.com/
003568 FRANK PHILLIPS COLLEGE http://www.fpctx.edu/
042756 G.A. BEAUTY & BARBER SCHOOL http://www.gabeauty.com/
004972 GALVESTON COLLEGE http://www.gc.edu/
B42154 GRACE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY http://www.graceschooloftheology.com/
043024 GRAHAM’S BARBER COLLEGE http://www.grahamsbarbercollege.com/
003570 GRAYSON COLLEGE http://www.grayson.edu/
010509 HALLMARK UNIVERSITY http://www.hallmarkuniversity.edu/
039703 HANDS ON THERAPY http://www.handsontx.com/
003571 HARDIN-SIMMONS UNIVERSITY http://www.hsutx.edu/
003573 HILL COLLEGE http://www.hillcollege.edu/
003576 HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY http://www.hbu.edu/
042809 HOUSTON BARBER SCHOOL http://www.houstonbarberschool.net/
010422 HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.hccs.edu/
041385 HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE CARDIOTECH http://www.houstoniccardiotech.com/
016945 HOUSTON TRAINING SCHOOLS http://www.houston-training-schools.com/
003574 HOWARD COUNTY JUNIOR COLLEGE DISTRICT http://www.howardcollege.edu/
003575 HOWARD PAYNE UNIVERSITY http://www.hputx.edu/
003577 HUSTON – TILLOTSON UNIVERSITY http://www.htu.edu/
E01378 INSTITUTE FOR BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY – LA http://www.ibtcollege.edu/
042960 INSTITUTE OF ALLIED HEALTHCARE (THE) http://www.alliedhealthcareinstitute.com/
E00711 INTERACTIVE COLG OF TECHNOLOGY HOUSTON http://www.itc-houston.com/
016506 INTERACTIVE COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY http://www.itctech.edu/
016987 INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY COLLEGE NO 3 http://www.internationalbeautycollege3.com/
003579 JACKSONVILLE COLLEGE http://www.jacksonville-college.edu/
003637 JARVIS CHRISTIAN COLLEGE http://www.jarvis.edu/
036803 JAY’S TECHNICAL INSTITUTE http://www.jaystech.edu/
016404 KD STUDIO, ACTOR’S CONSERVATORY http://www.kdstudio.com/
003580 KILGORE COLLEGE http://www.kilgore.edu/
035163 KING’S UNIVERSITY (THE) http://www.thekingsuniversity.edu/
036273 LAMAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY http://www.lit.edu/
016748 LAMAR STATE COLLEGE-ORANGE http://www.lsco.edu/
016666 LAMAR STATE COLLEGE-PORT ARTHUR http://www.lamarpa.edu/
003581 LAMAR UNIVERSITY-BEAUMONT http://www.lamar.edu/
012297 LAREDO BEAUTY COLLEGE http://www.laredobeautycollege.com/
042382 LAREDO CHI ACADEMY BEAUTY SCHOOL http://www.laredochi.com/
003582 LAREDO COLLEGE https://www.laredo.edu/
003583 LEE COLLEGE https://www.lee.edu/
043046 LEGENDS BARBER COLLEGE https://www.legendsbarbercollege.com/
003584 LETOURNEAU UNIVERSITY https://www.letu.edu/
008353 LINCOLN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY – GRAND PR https://www.lincolnedu.com/grand-prairie/
011145 LONE STAR COLLEGE SYSTEM https://www.lonestar.edu/
003586 LUBBOCK CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY https://www.lcu.edu/
041255 MANUEL AND THERESA’S SCHOOL OF HAIR DESI https://www.manuelsbeautyschools.com/
042707 MCALLEN CAREERS INSTITUTE https://www.mcallencareers.com/
003590 MCLENNAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.mclennan.edu/
003591 MCMURRY UNIVERSITY https://www.mcm.edu/
041298 MEDIATECH INSTITUTE https://www.mediatech.edu/
E01599 MEDIATECH INSTITUTE – HOUSTON https://www.mediatech.edu/houston-campus/
042962 MEI BARBER SCHOOL https://www.meibarberschool.com/
030926 MESSENGER COLLEGE https://www.messengercollege.edu/
017360 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ART & https://www.miufl.edu/
042873 MICHAEL’S BARBER & HAIR STYLIST ACADEMY https://michaelsbarbercollege.com/
031110 MID-CITIES BARBER COLLEGE https://www.midcitiesbarbercollege.com/
009797 MIDLAND COLLEGE https://www.midland.edu/
003592 MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY http://mwsu.edu/
034223 MILAN INSTITUTE http://www.milaninstitute.edu/
E40505 MILLER-MOTTE COLLEGE – EDGE TECH ACADEMY http://www.miller-motte.edu/
E01653 MILLER-MOTTE COLLEGE – STVT – CORPUS CHR http://www.miller-motte.edu/
015669 MILLER-MOTTE COLLEGE – STVT – MCALLEN http://www.miller-motte.edu/
E40506 MILLER-MOTTE COLLEGE – STVT – SAN ANTONI http://www.miller-motte.edu/
042508 MISSION BEAUTY INSTITUTE http://www.missionbeautyinstitute.com/
042784 MONTANA BARBER INSTITUTE http://www.montanabarberinstitute.com/
042264 MT TRAINING CENTER http://www.mttrainingcenter.com/
E40446 MYCOMPUTERCAREER – ARLINGTON http://www.mycomputercareer.com/school-locations/arlington-texas/
E02191 MYCOMPUTERCAREER – DALLAS http://www.mycomputercareer.com/school-locations/dallas-texas/
E02192 MYCOMPUTERCAREER – HOUSTON http://www.mycomputercareer.com/school-locations/houston-texas/
E40519 MYCOMPUTERCAREER.COM – SUGAR LAND http://www.mycomputercareer.com/school-locations/sugar-land-texas/
042609 MYSTROS BARBER ACADEMY http://www.mystrosbarberacademy.com/
042458 NATURAL IMAGES BEAUTY COLLEGE http://www.naturalimagesbeautycollege.com/
003593 NAVARRO COLLEGE http://www.navarrocollege.edu/
042312 NEECEE’S COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.neeceescollege.com/
041795 NORTH AMERICAN UNIVERSITY http://northamerican.edu/
003558 NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGE http://www.nctc.edu/
042636 NORTHEAST LAKEVIEW COLLEGE http://www.alamo.edu/nlc/
016396 NORTHEAST TEXAS COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.ntcc.edu/
033033 NORTHWEST EDUCATIONAL CENTER http://www.nwec.edu/
033723 NORTHWEST VISTA COLLEGE http://www.alamo.edu/nvc/
030094 NUVANI INSTITUTE http://www.nuvani.net/
030215 NUVANI INSTITUTE http://www.nuvani.net/
G03595 OBLATE SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY http://www.ost.edu/
026002 OCEAN CORPORATION (THE) http://www.oceancorp.com/
003596 ODESSA COLLEGE http://www.odessa.edu/
013016 OGLE SCHOOL HAIR SKIN NAILS http://www.ogleschool.com/
015596 OGLE SCHOOL HAIR SKIN NAILS http://www.ogleschool.com/
015602 OGLE SCHOOL HAIR SKIN NAILS http://www.ogleschool.com/
003598 OUR LADY OF THE LAKE UNIVERSITY http://www.ollusa.edu/
016615 PALO ALTO COLLEGE http://www.alamo.edu/spc/PAC/
003600 PANOLA COLLEGE http://www.panola.edu/
003601 PARIS JUNIOR COLLEGE http://www.parisjc.edu/
016293 PARKER UNIVERSITY http://www.parker.edu/
032773 PATHWAY VOCATIONAL ACADEMY http://www.pathwayacademy.org/
041254 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL AUSTIN http://www.paulmitchellaustin.com/
016749 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL HOUSTON http://www.paulmitchell.edu/houston/
003602 PAUL QUINN COLLEGE http://www.pqc.edu/
030198 PCI HEALTH TRAINING CENTER http://www.pcihealth.com/
E02177 PCI HEALTH TRAINING CENTER – RICHARDSON http://www.pcihealth.com/
042889 PEARLANDS INNOVATIVE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY http://www.pearlandsbeautyschool.com/
041687 PELOTON COLLEGE http://www.pelotoncollege.edu/
015350 PIPO ACADEMY OF HAIR DESIGN http://www.pipoacademy.com/
003630 PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY http://www.pvamu.edu/
043044 PREMIER BARBER SCHOOL http://www.premierbarberschool.com/
042329 PREPARING PEOPLE BARBER STYLING COLLEGE http://www.preparingpeople.com/
040823 PROFESSIONAL CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE http://www.professionalcareertraining.com/
042932 PROFESSIONAL COSMETOLOGY ACADEMY (THE) http://www.thepca.edu/
003603 RANGER COLLEGE http://www.rangercollege.edu/
042943 RCCGNA SEMINARY http://www.rccgna.org/
042480 RECORDING CONSERVATORY OF AUSTIN, (THE) http://www.therecordingconservatory.com/
030265 REMINGTON COLLEGE http://www.remingtoncollege.edu/
E00673 REMINGTON COLLEGE – HOUSTON CAMPUS – FT. http://www.remingtoncollege.edu/houston-ft-bend/
003604 RICE UNIVERSITY http://www.rice.edu/
041930 RIO GRANDE VALLEY COLLEGE http://www.rgvcollege.edu/
041690 SALON & SPA INSTITUTE http://www.salonandspainstitute.com/
042493 SALON BOUTIQUE ACADEMY http://www.salonboutiqueacademy.com/
041658 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY (THE) http://www.theproacademy.com/
042767 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY (THE) http://www.theproacademy.com/
042717 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY OF SAN ANTONI http://www.sanantoniotheproacademy.com/
003606 SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.shsu.edu/
009163 SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE http://www.accd.edu/sac/
003609 SAN JACINTO CLG-CENTRAL-NORTH-SOUTH http://www.sanjac.edu/central/
030323 SCHOOL OF AUTOMOTIVE MACHINISTS & TECHNO http://www.sanjac.edu/north/
003610 SCHREINER UNIVERSITY http://www.sanjac.edu/south/
017002 SEBRING CAREER SCHOOLS http://www.samtech.edu/
016910 SEGUIN BEAUTY SCHOOL http://www.schreiner.edu/
003611 SOUTH PLAINS COLLEGE http://www.sebringcareerschool.edu/
039223 SOUTH TEXAS BARBER COLLEGE http://www.seguinbeautyschool.com/
031034 SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE http://www.southplainscollege.edu/
G04977 SOUTH TEXAS COLLEGE OF LAW HOUSTON http://www.southtexasbarbercollege.com/
041468 SOUTH TEXAS TRAINING CENTER http://www.southtexascollege.edu/
017144 SOUTH TEXAS VO-TECH INSTITUTE http://www.stcl.edu/
E02135 SOUTH UNIVERSITY – AUSTIN http://www.stvti.edu/
040363 SOUTHEAST TEXAS CAREER INSTITUTE http://www.southuniversity.edu/austin/
030353 SOUTHERN CAREERS INSTITUTE http://www.setci.edu/
E01689 SOUTHERN CAREERS INSTITUTE – HARLINGEN http://www.sctc.edu/harlingen/
E00819 SOUTHERN CAREERS INSTITUTE – PHARR http://www.sctc.edu/pharr/
E00821 SOUTHERN CAREERS INSTITUTE – SAN ANTONIO http://www.sctc.edu/san-antonio/
E02174 SOUTHERN CAREERS INSTITUTE – SAN ANTONIO http://www.sctc.edu/san-antonio-2/
E40485 SOUTHERN CAREERS INSTITUTE – WACO http://www.sctc.edu/waco/
003613 SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY http://www.smu.edu/
015668 SOUTHWEST SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNICAL http://www.swsb.edu/
003614 SOUTHWEST TEXAS JR COLLEGE http://www.swtjc.edu/
041317 SOUTHWEST UNIVERSITY AT EL PASO http://www.southwest.edu/
003616 SOUTHWESTERN ASSEMBLIES OF GOD UNIV http://www.sagu.edu/
003618 SOUTHWESTERN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE http://www.swcc.edu/
003620 SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY http://www.southwestern.edu/
042133 SPA PROFESSIONALS ACADEMY (THE) http://www.spaproacademy.com/
003608 ST PHILLIPS COLLEGE http://www.alamo.edu/spc/
003621 ST. EDWARD’S UNIVERSITY http://www.stedwards.edu/
003623 ST. MARY’S UNIVERSITY http://www.stmarytx.edu/
003624 STEPHEN F AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.sfasu.edu/
042745 STRAND INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY & ESTHETICS ( http://www.strandinstitute.com/
003625 SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.sulross.edu/
003631 TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.tarleton.edu/
003626 TARRANT COUNTY COLLEGE http://www.tccd.edu/
003627 TEMPLE COLLEGE http://www.templejc.edu/
003628 TEXARKANA COLLEGE http://www.texarkanacollege.edu/
009651 TEXAS A&M INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY http://www.tamiu.edu/
011161 TEXAS A&M UNIV CORPUS CHRISTI http://www.tamucc.edu/
003632 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY http://www.tamu.edu/
042295 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY – CENTRAL TEXAS http://www.ctamu.edu/
003565 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY – COMMERCE http://www.tamuc.edu/
003639 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-KINGSVILLE http://www.tamuk.edu/
042485 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-SAN ANTONIO http://www.tamusa.edu/
031703 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-TEXARKANA http://www.tamut.edu/
017250 TEXAS BARBER COLLEGE http://www.texasbarbercollege.com/
E02099 TEXAS BARBER COLLEGE #1 http://texasbarbercollege1.com/
E02098 TEXAS BARBER COLLEGE #2 http://texasbarbercollege2.com/
E02100 TEXAS BARBER COLLEGE #5 http://texasbarbercollege5.com/
041585 TEXAS BEAUTY COLLEGE http://texasbeautycollege.com/
003635 TEXAS CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE http://txchiro.edu/
003636 TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY http://www.tcu.edu/
003638 TEXAS COLLEGE http://www.texascollege.edu/
030250 TEXAS COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.texascollegeofcosmetology.com/
031047 TEXAS COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY – SAN ANGEL http://www.txcos.edu/
031795 TEXAS HEALTH AND SCIENCE UNIVERSITY http://www.thsusa.org/
039873 TEXAS HEALTH SCHOOL http://www.healthschool.com/
042831 TEXAS HEALTHTECH INSTITUTE http://www.texashealthtech.com/
003641 TEXAS LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY http://www.tlu.edu/
003642 TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY http://www.tsu.edu/
030646 TEXAS SOUTHMOST COLLEGE http://www.tsc.edu/
003634 TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL CLG AT WACO http://www.waco.tstc.edu/
003615 TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.txstate.edu/
016024 TEXAS TECH U HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER http://www.ttuhsc.edu/
003644 TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY http://www.ttu.edu/
042808 TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCES CE http://www.ttuhsc.edu/
003645 TEXAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY http://www.txwes.edu/
003646 TEXAS WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY http://www.twu.edu/
030352 TINT SCHOOL OF MAKEUP & COSMETOLOGY http://tintschool.com/
033713 TONI&GUY HAIRDRESSING ACADEMY I TIGI http://texastoniandguy.com/
042865 TONSORIAL ARTS BARBER COLLEGE http://www.tbcschool.com/
043005 TOP OF THE LINE BARBER SCHOOL http://www.toltop.com/
037143 TREND BARBER COLLEGE http://www.trendbarbercollege.com/
003647 TRINITY UNIVERSITY http://www.trinity.edu/
003572 TRINITY VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.tvcc.edu/
003648 TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE http://www.tjc.edu/
014588 UCAS UNIV OF COSMETOLOGY ARTS & SCIENCE http://www.ucas.edu/
016468 UCAS UNIV OF COSMETOLOGY ARTS & SCIENCE http://www.ucas.edu/
030118 UCAS UNIV OF COSMETOLOGY ARTS & SCIENCE http://www.ucas.edu/
003612 UNIV OF HOUSTON-DOWNTOWN http://www.uhd.edu/
013956 UNIV OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER http://www.uthscsa.edu/
013976 UNIV OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH http://www.utmb.edu/
017249 UNIV OF TX MD ANDERSON CANCER CTR http://www.mdanderson.org/
016696 UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE http://www.uti.edu/
003651 UNIVERSITY OF DALLAS http://www.udallas.edu/
003652 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON http://www.uh.edu/
011711 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-CLEAR LAKE http://www.uhcl.edu/
013231 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-VICTORIA http://www.uhv.edu/
003588 UNIVERSITY OF MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR http://www.umhb.edu/
003594 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS http://www.unt.edu/
042421 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS AT DALLAS http://www.untdallas.edu/
009768 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE http://www.unthsc.edu/
003654 UNIVERSITY OF ST THOMAS http://www.stthom.edu/
009741 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS http://www.utdallas.edu/
011163 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT TYLER http://www.uttyler.edu/
003599 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS RIO GRANDE VALLEY http://www.utrgv.edu/
010019 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS SOUTHWESTERN MEDICAL http://www.utsouthwestern.edu/
003656 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-ARLINGTON http://www.uta.edu/
003658 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-AUSTIN http://www.utexas.edu/
003661 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-EL PASO http://www.utep.edu/
009930 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PERMIAN BASIN http://www.utpb.edu/
010115 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-SAN ANTONIO http://www.utsa.edu/
003578 UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD http://www.uiw.edu/
003659 UT HEALTH CENTER-SAN ANTONIO http://www.uthscsa.edu/
036124 VALLEY GRANDE INSTITUTE FOR ACADEMI http://www.valleygrandeinstitute.edu/
010060 VERNON COLLEGE http://www.vernoncollege.edu/
014986 VET TECH INSTITUTE OF HOUSTON http://vthouston.org/
012020 VICTORIA BEAUTY COLLEGE http://www.victoriabeautycollege.com/
003662 VICTORIA COLLEGE http://www.victoriacollege.edu/
017276 VISTA COLLEGE http://www.vistacollege.edu/
017296 VISTA COLLEGE http://www.vistacollege.edu/
042397 VOCATIONAL NURSING INSTITUTE, (THE) http://www.vni.edu/
041782 VOGUE COLLEGE – SAN ANTONIO https://vogue.edu/locations/fredericksburg-road/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=social
041783 VOGUE COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY https://vogue.edu/locations/ingram-road/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=social
041784 VOGUE COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY https://vogue.edu/locations/mcallen/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=social
042726 VOGUE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY http://vogue.edu/
010130 WADE COLLEGE http://www.wadecollege.edu/
042052 WADE GORDON HAIRDRESSING ACADEMY http://www.wadegordonacademy.com/
003663 WAYLAND BAPTIST UNIVERSITY http://www.wbu.edu/
003664 WEATHERFORD COLLEGE http://www.wc.edu/
014535 WESTERN TECHNICAL COLLEGE https://www.westerntech.edu/?utm_source=GMBlisting&utm_medium=organic
009549 WESTERN TEXAS COLLEGE https://www.wtc.edu/
003668 WHARTON COUNTY JR COLLEGE http://www.wcjc.edu/
003669 WILEY COLLEGE http://www.wileyc.edu/
015119 WILLIAM EDGE INSTITUTE http://www.edgeinstitute.org/
042313 YAHWEH BEAUTY ACADEMY http://www.yahwehbeautyacademy.net/

If you want to learn how to apply to the Texas Pell Grant, click here: https://thepell.com/pell-grant-application-process/

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