Pell Grant Application Process

It’s becoming common knowledge that there are Pell grants available for college students.  It’s obviously up to the student to be proactive and start the Pell grant application process.  Many are eligible and just don’t follow through the application process since it can take so much time and you have to dig for all the required documents such as tax information.  Don’t let this scare you away.  The Pell grant system is extremely valuable and proves to save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of getting your college degree.

Federal Pell Grants are offered to students and is money that does not have to be paid back.  This is free funding from the government to help you succeed through college and it will set you up for financial success along the way.  The amount of federal Pell grants is always based on the current financial situation or status of the student.  Lower income students will receive more federal Pell grant funding because their need is greater than students that come from well off families or have high paying jobs.

Federal Pell Grants do not disqualify you from receiving financial aid from the school either so that extra chuck from the school’s financial aid program is a great resource as well.  Federal Pell grants are managed by the school that the student is attending.  The money will be sliced out to the school, and from the school the money will be released to the student.

To start the Pell grant application process students will need to use the online tool that is provided to the public called “FAFSA”.  This is where the application is started with the online application tool on FAFSA.GOV.

This resource has all the information to help you succeed through college and establishes the requirements for submitting.  The FAFSA.GOV application only takes about fifteen minutes to complete and the report is forwarded to the school’s financial aid department.  Once you have done your part, be sure to follow up with the financial aid office or admissions to verify your information is accurate so you can receive your federal Pell grant.

A few key pieces of information you will need to provide your financial aid office may be proof of citizenship, a high school diploma, or a GED certificate.  If you don’t have the high school diploma or GED certificate you will have to take test for the school to baseline your academic status. Another stipulation is males will have to complete Selective Service registration and also, you must be currently enrolled in school to receive the federal Pell grant.

Some things from your past may haunt you when you apply.  If you have been convicted for drug abuse or possession you will not be qualified to receive a Pell grant.  If this is a situation you are in its good to know that there are liaisons available to help review your history.  This is done on a case by case basis and the school counselor can still deem you an eligible recipient for Pell grants and financial aid.

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