Michigan Scholarships & School Codes

The Michigan Pell Grant is used for attending college. You can use The Michigan Pell Grant at any college in Michigan as long as they participate in the Federal Student Aid Program if your school has a 6-digit federal school code. You will be able to know if you are eligible for The Michigan Pell Grant by your EFC. If your EFC is lower than $6206, then you are eligible. We’ve listed all the Federal Student Aid school codes for Michigan colleges at the bottom of the page.

Here are the school codes for colleges in Michigan.

041833 ABCOTT INSTITUTE http://www.abcott.edu/
002234 ADRIAN COLLEGE http://www.adrian.edu/
002235 ALBION COLLEGE http://www.albion.edu/
002236 ALMA COLLEGE http://www.alma.edu/
002237 ALPENA COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.alpenacc.edu/
009828 ALTIERUS CAREER EDUCATION http://www.altierus.org/
002238 ANDREWS UNIVERSITY http://www.andrews.edu/
002239 AQUINAS COLLEGE http://www.aquinas.edu/
004673 BAKER COLLEGE http://www.baker.edu/
E40395 BAKER COLLEGE – CULINARY INSTITUTE OF MI http://www.bakerculinary.edu/
E40396 BAKER COLLEGE – CULINARY INSTITUTE OF MI http://www.bakerculinary.edu/
002240 BAY DE NOC COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.baycollege.edu/
030666 BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.bmcc.edu/
016114 BAYSHIRE BEAUTY ACADEMY http://www.bayshirebeauty.com/
042112 BRIGHTON INSTITUTE OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.brightonbeautyschool.com/
031097 CADILLAC INSTITUTE OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.cadillacbeautyschool.com/
G02242 CALVIN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY http://www.calvinseminary.edu/
002241 CALVIN UNIVERSITY http://www.calvin.edu/
007617 CARNEGIE INSTITUTE http://www.carnegieinstitute.edu/
002243 CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY http://www.cmich.edu/
002261 CHARLES STEWART MOTT COMMUNITY CLG http://www.csmcc.edu/
002246 CLEARY UNIVERSITY http://www.cleary.edu/
006771 COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES http://www.collegeforcreativestudies.edu/
041633 COMPASS COLLEGE OF FILM AND MEDIA http://www.compasscollege.com/
002247 CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY – WISCONSIN – ANN A http://www.cuw.edu/
002266 CORNERSTONE UNIVERSITY http://www.cornerstone.edu/
G02248 CRANBROOK ACADEMY OF ART http://www.cranbrook.edu/
040553 CREATIVE HAIR SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.creativehairschool.com/
042709 D&S SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.dsschoolofcosmetology.com/
002249 DAVENPORT UNIVERSITY http://www.davenport.edu/
010827 DAVID PRESSLEY PROF SCH OF COSMTLGY http://www.davidpressley.com/
002251 DELTA COLLEGE http://www.delta.edu/
030057 DETROIT BUSINESS INST. DOWNRIVER http://www.dbicareer.edu/
E01946 DORSEY BUSINESS SCHOOL – SAGINAW CAMPUS http://www.dorsey.edu/
004692 DORSEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS http://www.dorsey.edu/
015076 DORSEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS http://www.dorsey.edu/
E02190 DORSEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS – DEARBORN http://www.dorsey.edu/
011969 DORSEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS – ROSEVILLE http://www.dorsey.edu/
E40462 DORSEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS – SOUTHGATE CA http://www.dorsey.edu/
025882 DOUGLAS J AVEDA INSTITUTE http://www.djai.edu/
042752 DSDT http://www.dsdt.org/
002259 EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY https://www.emich.edu/
G40024 ECUMENICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY https://www.etseminary.edu/
041211 ELEVATE SALON INSTITUTE http://www.elevatesaloninstitute.com/
008178 EMPIRE BEAUTY SCHOOL https://www.empire.edu/
002260 FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY https://www.ferris.edu/
002322 FINLANDIA UNIVERSITY https://www.finlandia.edu/
041411 FRENCH ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.frenchacademy.com/
002263 GLEN OAKS COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.glenoaks.edu/
002264 GOGEBIC COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.gogebic.edu/
002265 GRACE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY https://www.gracechristian.edu/
002267 GRAND RAPIDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.grcc.edu/
002268 GRAND VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY https://www.gvsu.edu/
042800 GREAT LAKES BOAT BUILDING SCHOOL https://www.greatlakesboatschool.org/
002269 GREAT LAKES CHRISTIAN COLLEGE https://www.glcc.edu/
002270 HENRY FORD COLLEGE https://www.hfcc.edu/
025957 HILLSDALE BEAUTY COLLEGE https://www.hillsdale.edu/
002273 HOPE COLLEGE https://www.hope.edu/
035883 IRENE’S MYOMASSOLOGY INSTITUTE http://www.irenesmyomassology.com/
002274 JACKSON COLLEGE https://www.jccmi.edu/
002275 KALAMAZOO COLLEGE https://www.kzoo.edu/
006949 KALAMAZOO VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.kvcc.edu/
002276 KELLOGG COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.kellogg.edu/
002262 KETTERING UNIVERSITY https://www.kettering.edu/
041647 KEWEENAW BAY OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.kbocc.edu/
007171 KIRTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.kirtland.edu/
002311 KUYPER COLLEGE https://www.kuyper.edu/
041584 L’ESPRIT ACADEMY http://www.lespritacademy.com/
E40479 L’ESPRIT ACADEMY – ROYAL OAK http://www.lespritacademy.com/royaloak.htm
002277 LAKE MICHIGAN COLLEGE http://www.lakemichigancollege.edu/
002293 LAKE SUPERIOR STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.lssu.edu/
039683 LAKEWOOD SCHOOL OF THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE http://www.lakewoodmassage.com/
002278 LANSING COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.lcc.edu/
013218 M.J. MURPHY BEAUTY COLLEGE http://www.mjmurphy.com/
008906 MACOMB COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.macomb.edu/
002282 MADONNA UNIVERSITY http://www.madonna.edu/
041593 MARKETTI ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY http://www.marketti.edu/
002284 MARYGROVE COLLEGE http://www.marygrove.edu/
042487 METRO DETROIT BARBER COLLEGE http://www.metrodetroitbarbercollege.com/
013603 MIAT COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY http://www.miat.edu/
016790 MICHIGAN BARBER COLLEGE http://www.michiganbarbercollege.com/
026184 MICHIGAN CAREER & TECHNICAL INST http://www.mcti.edu/
014295 MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF BEAUTY http://www.michigancollegeofbeauty.com/
016454 MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF BEAUTY http://www.michigancollegeofbeauty.net/
G21989 MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY http://www.michiganschoolofpsychology.edu/
002290 MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY – FINAN AID OF http://finaid.msu.edu/
002292 MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV http://www.mtu.edu/
006768 MID MICHIGAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.midmich.edu/
002294 MONROE COUNTY COMMUNITY CLG https://www.monroeccc.edu/
002295 MONTCALM COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.montcalm.edu/
042938 MOTION PICTURE INSTITUTE http://www.motionpi.com/
002297 MUSKEGON COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.muskegoncc.edu/
002299 NORTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN COLLEGE https://www.ncmich.edu/
002301 NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY https://www.nmu.edu/
002302 NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE https://www.nmc.edu/
031240 NORTHWESTERN TECHNOLOGICAL INST https://www.nti.edu/
004072 NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY https://www.northwood.edu/
040063 NUVO COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY https://www.nuvo.edu/
002303 OAKLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.oaklandcc.edu/
002307 OAKLAND UNIVERSITY https://www.oakland.edu/
002308 OLIVET COLLEGE https://www.olivetcollege.edu/
040143 P&A SCHOLARS BEAUTY SCHOOL http://www.pascholars.com/
042302 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL FARMINGTON HILL https://paulmitchell.edu/locations/michigan/farmington-hills/
042305 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL GRAND RAPIDS https://paulmitchell.edu/locations/michigan/grand-rapids/
039073 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL GREAT LAKES https://paulmitchell.edu/locations/michigan/great-lakes/
E02118 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL MICHIGAN https://paulmitchell.edu/locations/michigan/michigan/
008946 PORT HURON COSMETOLOGY COLLEGE http://www.phcc.edu/
041847 PROTEGE ACADEMY https://www.protegeacademy.com/
002288 ROCHESTER UNIVERSITY https://www.rc.edu/
014621 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER https://rosseducation.edu/
015367 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER https://rosseducation.edu/
015383 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER https://rosseducation.edu/
016611 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER https://rosseducation.edu/
E01796 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER – DAVISON https://rosseducation.edu/davison-mi/
E01463 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER – GRAND RA https://rosseducation.edu/grand-rapids-mi/
E01462 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER-ANN ARBOR https://rosseducation.edu/ann-arbor-mi/
E01460 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER-PORT HURON https://rosseducation.edu/port-huron-mi/
E01464 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER-REDFORD https://rosseducation.edu/redford-mi/
E01461 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER-ROOSEVELT https://rosseducation.edu/roosevelt-park-mi/
E01459 ROSS MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTER-SAGINAW https://rosseducation.edu/saginaw-mi/
002313 SACRED HEART MAJOR SEMINARY http://www.shms.edu/
037723 SAGINAW CHIPPEWA TRIBAL COLLEGE http://www.sagchip.org/college/
002314 SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIV http://www.svsu.edu/
041384 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY (THE) http://www.salonprofessionalacademy.com/
042937 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY OF HOLLAND (T http://www.salonholland.com/
002315 SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE https://www.schoolcraft.edu/
030900 SHARP’S ACADEMY OF HAIRSTYLING https://www.sharpsacademy.com/
002316 SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY https://www.sienaheights.edu/
002317 SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE https://www.swmich.edu/
016914 SPECS HOWARD SCHOOL OF MEDIA ARTS https://www.specshoward.edu/
002318 SPRING ARBOR UNIVERSITY https://www.arbor.edu/
002310 ST. CLAIR COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE https://www.sc4.edu/
E40492 TAYLOR ANDREWS ACADEMY OF HAIR DESIGN – https://www.taylorandrews.edu/
015615 TAYLORTOWN SCHOOL OF BEAUTY https://www.taylortownschool.com/
G12627 THOMAS M. COOLEY LAW SCHOOL https://www.cooley.edu/
030752 TWIN CITY BEAUTY COLLEGE https://www.twincitybeautycollege.edu/
E01154 TWIN CITY BEAUTY COLLEGE – TRAVERSE CITY https://www.twincitybeautycollege.edu/traverse-city
042551 U.S. TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL http://www.ustruckdriver.com/
002323 UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT MERCY http://www.udmercy.edu/
002325 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – ANN ARBOR http://www.umich.edu/
E00398 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – ANN ARBOR – SCH http://www.sch.umich.edu/
E00506 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – ANN ARBOR – SCH http://www.sch.umich.edu/
E00691 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-ANN ARBOR – SCHOO http://www.sch.umich.edu/
002326 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-DEARBORN http://www.umd.umich.edu/
002327 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-FLINT http://www.umflint.edu/
004071 WALSH COLLEGE OF ACCT & BUS ADMN http://www.walshcollege.edu/
002328 WASHTENAW COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.wccnet.edu/
009230 WAYNE COUNTY COMMUNITY CLG-DISTRICT http://www.wcccd.edu/
002329 WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY http://www.wayne.edu/
016693 WEST MI COLG OF BARBERING & BEAUTY http://www.westmichigancollegeofbarbering.org/
007950 WEST SHORE COMMUNITY COLLEGE http://www.westshore.edu/
002330 WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY http://www.wmich.edu/
G02331 WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY http://westernseminary.edu/
017076 YESHIVA GEDOLAH OF GREATER DETROIT http://www.yeshiva-gedolah.org/

To learn how to apply to The Michigan Pell Grant, click here: https://thepell.com/pell-grant-application-process/

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