Helpful Sites

Here are some helpful sites available for more financial aid advice! – An excellent site that all prospective financial aid and scholarship applicants should read through. A real scholarship judge gives free advice, and a great deal of example content, about how to screw up a scholarship application, and how to avoid the extremely common mistakes that disqualify many students for financial aid.

FastWeb – One of the largest scholarship databases available to students. FastWeb, owned by, claims to have 600,000 awards worth over 1 billion dollars.

Student Aid on the Web – The Department of Education’s site about federal financial aid.

FAFSA On The Web – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To be eligible for the Pell Grant, you must submit this application for federal aid.

Federal Stafford Loan – A small site about the ins and outs of the Stafford Loan Program

To learn the answers to some Pell FAQs, visit

We hope that these sites were helpful to you, and that they could provide information that aids you in your college journey. If you have questions about state-specific grants, the application process, or other frequently asked questions, The Pell has more information than you could ever wish for!

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