How you ruin your web resume

What are some ways you can ruin a web resume?

Your web resume may be the most important document you ever create. Its the first impression an employer or recruiter will have of you, and it will determine your success in the job search. Unfortunately, its all too easy to make mistakes and ruin your web resume. Here are some of the most common ways that job seekers ruin their web resume: 1. Not researching the company. Its important to tailor your web resume for each job you apply to, but many job seekers dont take the time to research each company. Its important to understand the companys mission and culture in order to customize your resume to fit their needs. 2. Not proofreading. Job seekers often think they can merely write a generic web resume and submit it without proofreading. However, spelling, grammar, and typos can be a huge turnoff for employers. Make sure to read over your resume at least twice before submitting it. 3. Not emphasizing relevant experience. Employers are looking for candidates who have experience that is relevant to the job theyre applying for. Make sure to highlight your experience in the areas that are most important to the employer. 4. Not telling a story. Your web resume should tell a story about who you are and what you can do. Include information about your skills and accomplishments, highlight your experience, and emphasize the qualities that make you the perfect candidate for the job. 5. Not using visuals. Visuals are a great way to make your resume more engaging and interesting. Include charts and graphs that illustrate your experience and accomplishments, and use headings and subheadings to break up the text. 6. Not writing clearly. Your web resume should be written in a clear, concise way thats easy to read. Use short, simple sentences and only include information thats relevant to the job youre applying for. 7. Not making it mobilefriendly. Most employers will view your web resume on a mobile device. Make sure your resume is optimized for mobile by using a responsive design and making sure all the text is legible on a small screen. 8. Not following instructions. Many employers will include instructions on how to apply for the job. Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully, as not doing so can ruin your chances of getting an interview. These are just a few of the ways you can ruin a web resume. The key is to stay organized and make sure your resume is tailored to the job youre applying for. By taking the time to research the company and create a resume that tells a story about who you are, youll be sure to make a great first impression with employers.

For another perspective, we asked Judge Josh at Outlaw Student the same question — here’s what he said:

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